The Benefits of Deep Sleep Music for Parents and Kids

The Benefits of Deep Sleep Music for Parents and Kids

2 May 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Have you ever drifted off to sleep listening to soothing music? It turns out that listening to music at night to help us enter a realm of deep sleep has more benefits than just a good night’s rest.

According to PsycologyToday, “Music has powerful and diverse effects on both the body and mind, influencing breathing and heart rate, triggering the release of hormones, stimulating the immune system, and boosting the brain’s cognitive and emotional centers.”

They go on to explain the benefits of soothing, relaxing music as a sleep tool:

Outside of the physical benefits music can help us achieve when sleeping, it can also help drown out night-time noise. Whether it’s from streets, airplanes, or noisy passerbys –  music can help to drown out these noises and increase the chance for a better night of rest for both you and your children.

How to use music to help you and your child sleep better

Slow beats

Stay away from fast tempos as they might be energizing rather than relaxing.

Balance lyrics

If you’re looking to help your child stay asleep after they’ve fallen asleep, find music that does not contain lyrics. Lyrical music is great for before drifting off to dreamland (and even during the sleepy transition) but can potentially be disruptive later in the night.

Be consistent 

A consistent routine is key for children. Creating the same inviting and soothing conditions every night can help trigger the sleepy signals needed for a good night’s rest.

Try one of Moshi’s deep sleep music playlists designed specifically for children. They’re specially curated based on the musical genre, so there’s something for every kind of music lover! 

Alyssa Morgan