What are Body Scan Meditations? The Benefits for Kids

What are Body Scan Meditations? The Benefits for Kids

27 July 2022 • Words by Samantha Redgrave-Hogg 3 mins

Body scan meditations are progressive relaxation techniques to help us unwind and let go. We can quickly lose sight of our emotional and body experiences when unknowingly trapped on life’s merry-go-round.  Unconsciously we can start to hold tension in our bodies. Noticing where trapped emotions and tension might sit by scanning each area is a great exercise to help children develop a sense of body awareness and emotional harmony. 

There are some truly amazing benefits of this type of meditation. A study published in 2015 tells us that body scanning led to an improvement of PTSD symptoms in 102 veterans. 

What are the top ten benefits of body scan meditations?

This type of mindfulness meditation is a way of:

How do I do this with my kids?

Here is a short and simple body scan meditation you can use with your child to help them relax. All you need to do is ask your child to get themselves comfortable and then read the steps out loud to them. Remember to meditate only when it is safe to do so.

Close your eyes when you are ready and make yourself comfortable.

Allow your mind to focus on your body for a little while. It’s time to check in with yourself. You are doing just great. Notice the little muscles of the face softening. How does that feel? Your neck and shoulders can let go of any worries now. 

That flow of relaxation continues down your arms and into your hands.

You might notice how your hands feel as they rest there. There might be a warm feeling, a cool feeling, a tingling sensation, or nothing at all. There is no right or wrong here. You are just observing your body.

Concentrate on your heart center now which is in the middle of the chest.

If you like you can imagine a lovely warm color lighting up your heart center. Its glowing energy soothes you. This can help you relax and feel good.

Notice the tummy muscles.

When you breathe in you can notice the tummy rising and when you breathe out your tummy muscles go back down. Breathe in and out deeply for a few moments. In and out. Notice how your relaxed breath helps you feel safe and at ease.

Your back muscles are letting go now.

Your back holds you up all day and works so hard but now it’s okay to relax it. How does that feel to relax your back? 

This comforting feeling spreads down each of your legs.

They start to feel loose and relaxed. The knees and ankles can release their tension.

Your feet can relax now.

Just allow any heaviness to fade away. It’s a bit like your toes are featherlight. All the tension simply dissolves.

If any parts of your body need some extra attention, take some time to do this now. Scan through your body and just be aware of what feels comfortable and what feels not so comfortable. You can gently soften the areas that need your love. To end this meditation you can say to yourself ‘I am loved and lovable’ and thank your amazing body for everything it does for you. Open your eyes when you are ready, bringing back a lovely sense of peace.

Moshi body scanning meditations to try at home:

Hocus’s Tin Man Body Scan has listeners focus on Hocus as they discover how he helps a robot friend feel brand new and free from worries in a guided body scan that’s as charming as it is calming.

Magical Moshlight Body Scan is an imaginative meditation that calms both mind and body. SleepyPaws uses the power of his mind to imagine a warming light traveling from his head down to his toes.

Yawnsy’s Blissful Body Scan is a deeply relaxing body meditation that encourages listeners to focus on various parts of the body to attain a feeling of contentment.

Samantha Redgrave-Hogg