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How do I link my Moshi account to Spotify? 

Start by logging into your Spotify account in the Spotify app. You can then search for ‘Moshi Kids’ and filter by ‘Podcasts & Shows’. The Moshi podcasts can be accessed by tapping the lock icon. The next step is to link your Moshi account by entering your credentials. This is your email address and password that you use to access the app. If you are a Moshi subscriber, you’ll have access to the majority of the content on Spotify.

You can find a complete list of instructions below once you’ve tapped on the lock icon (padlock):

  • Click on ‘Get Access’
  • Link a Moshi account to Spotify:  Click ‘Link account
    • You’ll be redirected to the MoshiKids website
  • Log in to your Moshi account
    • You’ll be shown a Spotify confirmation screen
  • If happy, click ‘Agree
  • You’ll then be prompted to go back to Spotify

I’m trying to follow the instructions to link my Moshi account but I don’t see the ‘Get Access’ option? 

You need to be logged into Spotify to see the options for linking accounts.

Can I link my Moshi account to more than one Spotify account?

No, you can only link one Moshi account to one Spotify account.

How do I unlink my Moshi account from my Spotify account?

To unlink your Moshi account from Spotify:

  • Login to your Spotify account on the website.
  • Go to the Linked Accounts page.
  • Click Unlink next to Moshi

You will no longer be able to access all Moshi content via Spotify.

What is the difference between Spotify content and the Moshi app? 

You can listen to all the Moshi Stories, Meditations, Lullabies, Sounds and Music on Spotify via 4 different podcasts. Unfortunately, the Series and Breathing exercises will not be available on Spotify. To find them all, search for Moshi podcasts.

Find your Moshi Playlists, favorite tracks, and recommendations in the Moshi app only. 

Can Moshi Podcasts be downloaded on Spotify to listen offline?

Yes, of course! Each track can be downloaded and added to your Spotify library for offline playback by clicking the download arrow.

How do I subscribe to Moshi?

Subscribe to Moshi via the Moshikids app or at https://app.moshikids.com/sign-up

How often is the content updated on Spotify?

All brand-new weekly content will automatically be released on Spotify in each of the corresponding podcast feeds. However, Monthly Series will only be available in the app.

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