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Listening to Moshi offline

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You can download Moshi content to your device if you wish to listen to it offline*.

To download a story on your device:

  • Start playing the track while connected to the internet
  • Tap the Cloud icon in the top left corner
  • Once the track has been downloaded, it will appear in the ‘Downloaded’ tab in the ‘Library’ section at the bottom of the screen

It’s not possible to download a story if you’re already offline, so please get some tracks downloaded to prevent upset! All downloaded stories are stored on your device*, only if you have enough storage space. In addition, you can only open the profile you last used when launching the app while offline. Ensure you are logged into your account while connected to wifi so that you can access it even if the connection is lost. 

Logging out of your account prevents you from accessing your downloaded tracks offline. As a backup, Spotify can be useful. Here’s how to use your Moshi account on Spotify if you can’t log in.

Want to free up some space and download new tracks? You can delete downloaded tracks from your device by tapping the “Settings” icon on the home screen and selecting “Delete All Downloaded Stories.”

Listening to Moshi offline