Prioritizing sleep can take some practice and effort. The results of having an energetic, clear-minded focus and a balanced mood are priceless, though!

To support your child (and you) in developing good sleep habits, check out some of our sleep-focused content below, listen to our free Daily Bedtime Story, or download Moshi to get started today!

Improving your Bedtime Routine

Getting kids to sleep can be tough. Here are our tips for a great bedtime routine.


Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming lights and limiting screentime before bed.

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Wind down by playing calming music & relaxing sounds through a speaker to sooth active minds.

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Read a bedtime story, or play one of Moshi's nighttime meditations & stories.

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Consistency is key. Try to make bedtime the same each night to establish a regular routine that kids can rely on.

Bedtime Tips & Tricks

What the experts are saying about sleep

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Negative sleep patterns can contribute to a lack of focus, poor memory retention, and lower immunity. Here are a few natural tips that might help your little one drift off into a deeply relaxing sleep!

Natural Ways to Help Children Sleep Better
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Deep sleep is the most restorative kind of sleep and is essential for children’s health. There are several things you can do to help increase the amount of deep sleep your child gets.

5 Tips and Tricks to Improve Deep Sleep
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So you’re through the postpartum wakefulness only to come against the dreaded sleep regression. These are the most common ages, and some tips for making it more manageable.

Sleep Regression - Ages & Tips
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Nodkins and her good friend SleepyPaws both know how to help the trickiest of sleepers get a great night’s sleep. Meet Nodkins and discover the magical world of Moshi.

Meet Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny

"I’ve used it since my daughter was a baby and she’s now 2.5. I play it every night before bed, after we’ve read a story. It’s the perfect way to settle down and be calm, ready for a good night's sleep."

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