Helping Kids with Stress

Helping Kids with Stress

27 May 2022 • Words by Allison Henry 2 mins

Even when we don’t directly experience a traumatic event, our bodies and brains indirectly experience an empathetic stress response. When somebody is going through something upsetting, our bodies feel the stress of it. The effect of this can show up in different ways.  Some examples are shallow breathing, being short-tempered with people we love, feeling the heat in our cheeks, a rushing sensation in our ears, a pounding heart, avoiding emotion, and difficulty thinking clearly. And just as we adults can experience these physiological responses, so can our children.

“For children directly or indirectly experiencing negative stress or feelings, narratives, like Moshi, can help by developing resilience skills vicariously through Moshlings,” says Dr. Tegan Reeves, Ph.D. “As we listen and create a vision of Moshlings and the Moshi world, we are creating a safe place to feel in our own imagination. Moshi has created a world where both children and adults can practice being okay, focusing on the breath, allowing negative thoughts to exist but not take over, and learning healthy ways to deal with stress.”

When kids are going through Moshi Stories with a Moshling, they are having the same vicarious and empathetic response they might have in real life. With Moshi, though, it’s through a pretend world where they can use their imagination and safely practice overcoming challenges. When kids experience their emotions and have feelings along with Moshlings, the impact of the stress response is decreased. It allows them a healthy way of working out real-world problems and teaches them to be mindful with compassion. 

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Allison Henry