Meet Bexy - Moshi's Senior Customer Service Manager 1

Meet Bexy – Moshi’s Head of Customer Experience

25 February 2022 • Words by Bexy 5 mins

Please tell us a bit about you and your family:

Feedback FamilyI have worked for Moshi since 2011 on various projects. I wanted to tell my story and experience of using the Moshi App, not because I work here, but because I am a Mum, that uses Moshi at home. I have a daughter age 13, and a son age 7, both of which have additional needs. We live in Wales UK and I moved here in 2020, the year of the pandemic! I live in a small village 10 minutes from the Coast. My husband and I decided it would be the best time for us to make a giant leap and move from our hometown to the coast, something both of us have always wanted. Having two ocean loving children, one for the waves and one for the sea creatures, this was by far the best decision!

What was it that first made you search for an app to help with your situation?

Well, working at Moshi I actually had never thought about searching for an app, to be honest. I wasn’t a first time Mum, and I thought I had sleep down to a tee, thinking ‘I’ve got this!’ but how wrong was I?! Elliot, my youngest was diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum at the age of 3, so now I was a Mum with a different child that needed something extra, something alternative to help him settle. Then Moshi was born…

Did you try any other ways to help with your situation?

I tried bed tents, nightlights, nightlights with projectors, nightlights including sounds such as forest sounds, sea sounds, whale noise, etc. We tried lavender, sensory massages, washing machines, hoovers, relaxing baths. I seemed to have just got used to being that mum that lay with her child and then had to crawl out the room like some Ninja from Mission Impossible, making sure I didn’t crawl onto the squeaking floorboard!

How did you feel the moment Moshi worked for you?

What’s funny about this situation is, I worked for Moshi and I was using it with my daughter, but when Moshi was first released, Elliot didn’t take to it; so I figured because he was Autistic, he may just have different struggles, I just didn’t persevere. My daughter took to it straight away and instantly fell asleep, at 7 she was the perfect age to use the app and was excited about new stories.  But alas, Elliot didn’t respond to the stories so I was a bit disheartened, how can it work for one and not the other?!  Bexy fam 1Back in the day, 7 years prior, I had a tiny little MP3 player and I had downloaded pink noise onto it for my daughter when she was a newborn. So after about 3 hours of hunting for that, I remembered we had a selection of white/pink noises on the app. It’s one of those Mum brain moments, I worked for the company, why didn’t I think of this?! So away goes the hoover, and on goes the Moshi Pink Noise Sound. What… wait… 10 minutes in, and all the internet shopping completed, I look up and he’s asleep. I knew Moshi was something that was working for lots of parents and I knew the app worked, but to have it work for my special little man, with the brain that didn’t seem to switch off, made me love this company so much more. We managed to move on to Gombala Rain Showers much to the joy of my ears, the Pink noise wasn’t quite doing it for me!

As time went on, the app evolved and so did Elliot. He had been non-verbal for 4 years, but 2 months after his fourth birthday, we had some spoken words, then more and more. Some unrecognizable and some very clear. One of the clearest was ‘SleepyPaws’. He’d obviously heard my daughter listening to it, so we tried a story after a year of sounds, and hey presto Boom, SleepyPaws did it!

What feature do you find the most helpful on the Moshi app?

Sleeping for us is the most helpful, don’t get me wrong, Elliot still has his troubles and most nights he’ll be in with me, but getting him to actually fall asleep now is something I couldn’t see happening.

Moshi has now become part of our everyday life and recently, not just at bedtime. Bexy Fam 3Elliot has a few moments in the daytime when he needs a little calm downtime. He has a favourite toy with labels on it, a favourite blanket, and he would normally take himself off for ‘quiet time’. Until recently he noticed the daytime section on the app. So now, he heads off into his own space usually with an iPad and will choose something from the daytime section. He seems to only ever want SleepyPaws at bedtime. That is his nighttime story and daytime he will pick anything else. remember sitting at the computer with him during his first live session, a bunch of 5-6 year-olds all excited about seeing their friends and jumping up and down totally hyped up. I actually felt quite smug, because 5 minutes before, we’d sat and listened to Goldies Brain Break, so he was nice and relaxed before the session. 10 points to Mum!

If you were asked to recommend Moshi, what would you say?

I’d say “do it, do it, do it”! Real User Feedback 1Of course, I’m a little biased, but if I didn’t believe in it and the company, I wouldn’t still be here. The Moshi app is by far my favourite parenting tool. Moshi has been the absolute miracle for us, it saved us from so many sleepless nights and the walking around like ‘a zombie’ days! For all the parents out there, with a child with a neurodevelopmental condition or even neurotypical, the advice I can give is to persevere. I’m so glad I didn’t give up with the app on the first try of a story with Elliot and that I explored different areas. It’s working so much better than I could have ever imagined, and his temperament and frustrating moments are all the better for it.

What would be the one word you’d use to describe Moshi?


Do you have any tips for other families using the app?

Involve – Have a look at the stories as something fun to do so your child is involved with the choice. They may get excited by choosing which one to play.

Persevere If one section doesn’t work, explore the other areas, there is so much content to choose from. Don’t give up on the first try, keep trying because you may find at some point, it will work.

EnjoyHave fun with the app, make it less about what you need your child to do, and more of a tool that they want to use.

RoutineMake it part of your daily routines. 

DaytimeUse it in the daytime. There are so many different times the app can be used, you just need to work out what works best for your child and what works best for that particular moment.

Breathe – Take a minute each day to focus on breathing, use the breathing section to help regulate. Adults try it too because it sure does help!


Moshi's Head of Customer Experience & Community Operations. It's been a pleasure working for Moshi since 2011. I'm a Mom to two children, both with additional needs. I am passionate about learning more about children's struggles and hope to be able to share my experiences/learnings with others.