Meet the Moshling – Cali the Moonlit Mermaid

Meet the Moshling – Cali the Moonlit Mermaid

12 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Meet Cali – a Moshling Mermaid who lives in a hidden coral kingdom, deep beneath the waves of Potion Ocean, not far from Clamshell Bay. When she’s not sitting on rocks with her mermaid friends, serenading passing boats with their sweet lullabies, Cali enjoys brushing her long locks and watching underwater rainbow bubble fountains erupting.

Her best friend is Ping, a Moshling Panda. A mermaid and a panda might seem like an odd pairing but Cali and Ping’s visit to a sleepy party within a flooded cavern confirmed what they already knew – that making friends with those who appear different is really very cool. 

Learn more about Cali and her adventures by checking out her Moshi tracks below:

Cali the Moonlit Mermaid 

This touching tale tells of a Mermaid’s forbidden romance with a lovestruck Moshling called Linton, deep beneath the moonlit waves of Potion Ocean.

Cali & Ping’s Paddleboarding Party

Featuring two Moshling superstars, the genuine plippity-plop of paddleboarding, and soothing singing, this very special bonus story is a heartwarming tale of true friendship.

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Alyssa Morgan