Meet the Moshling: ShiShi the Moshling Panda

Meet the Moshling: ShiShi the Moshling Panda

23 February 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Meet ShiShi – one of the cutest, snuggliest Moshling Pandas ever! Gogglebox Gulch is her home and she loves nothing more than relaxing beneath the legendary Tree of Slumber and drifting off into a world of whimsical dreams. When she isn’t dreaming, ShiShi enjoys scoffing wamwoo shoots beneath the stars, blowing bubbles, and planting magical Moshi seeds in her beautiful flower garden.

Just like you and me, ShiShi sometimes feels worried and nervous. Thankfully, she’s discovering new ways to make her worries fade away and loves sharing these tricks with her friends.

ShiShi and the Tree of Slumber
What do pandas dream about when they sleep beneath the Tree of Slumber? Find out in this weird and wonderfully melodic Moshi Story.

Growing a Flower Garden with ShiShi
Create a beautiful flower garden using the power of imagination in this truly magical meditation that is so relaxing it can also be used at bedtime.

ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker
Reduce worries and anxiety, as you join a cute Moshling panda in this guided session where you’ll practice relaxing deep breathing, magical visualization, and self-affirmation.

  • Alyssa Morgan