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My Moshi Day | What It Is and How to Use It

24 October 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 3 mins

Have you updated your Moshi app yet? If so, you may have noticed an exciting new feature at the top of your home screen — My Moshi Day. 

My Moshi Day is a kid-first, interactive app experience that supports your kids not just at bedtime, but all the time. This new feature offers 16 pieces of relevant content daily, tailored to your child and their interests. It makes selecting tracks fun and exciting and allows kids to easily discover all that Moshi’s vast content library has to offer. Now kids can find what they need when they need it.

“The My Moshi Day feature is an incredible first step as we evolve into a child-first, child-navigated app experience. Moshi has always been an important part of my kids’ daily routine and I’m thrilled that their favorite characters can now better support them all day long.” 

Christianne Amodio, Moshi CEO

From music to meditations, lullabies to bedtime stories — there’s something for every child, at every age. Most importantly, the Moshlings that your child knows and loves suggest tracks each day, adding playfulness, animation, and fun to the Moshi experience. Here’s who you’ll see and how that Moshling will help your child:

Chirpy guides you through mornings and offers Moshi content perfect for helping kids transition into the day (5 am–10 am)

Flumpy is there for you throughout the day to bring calm to any chaos—at naptime, homework time, or quiet playtime (10 am–5 pm)

Yawnsy leads evenings with calming transition tracks and stories to help children unwind after a long day of exploring and learning (5 pm–7 pm)

SleepyPaws is (of course) on bedtime duty and provides the perfect combination of tracks to get even the trickiest of sleepers settled in for a good night’s rest (7 pm–5 am)

Many elements are taken into consideration to determine which tracks are recommended and when — your child’s age, the time of day, the season or time of year, and what the track can help with. Young children can drift off during daytime naps to calming white noise, while school-aged kids can discover the perfect soundtrack for homework time. From helping kids start each day mindfully and with gratitude, to supporting their healthy habits and guiding them through tough moments or big feelings, to helping them sleep better — Moshi is there for your children at day and night, whenever and however they need support.

“Moshi has the perfect content for every moment. The Moshi Day feature uses our wonderful characters to bring those tracks directly to your kids when it is best for them without having to search the whole library.”

Jakub Fiedorowicz, Moshi CPO

Coming up: even more exciting news from the world of Moshi. Be sure to keep your app up-to-date to continue on the magical journey with us!

Alyssa Morgan