Dealing With Loneliness – Tips for Parents and Kids 2

Dealing With Loneliness – Tips for Parents and Kids

5 April 2022 • Words by Gigi Clark 2 mins

Dealing with loneliness, as an adult or as a kid, can be a daunting task. For children, the last two years of interrupted routines, lack of in-person socialization and overall stress can compound feelings of loneliness (just as it can for adults).

Kids are able to turn to imaginary friends, toys and our suggested stories in the Moshi app to help them understand and process these feelings of loneliness. For adults, though, we’re so busy that we often shove down our feelings. The five tips below are just a starting point for recognizing those feelings of loneliness and acknowledging them.

Dealing With Loneliness – Tips for Parents and Kids

Moshi tracks to listen to with your kids about friendship and dealing with loneliness:

Making Friends with Flumpy

Your dreams will be filled with wondrous stuff, once you learn how to make friends like Flumpy the Pluff. He’s the softest, squishiest, friendliest Moshling in the land! 

Morgan’s Lighthouse Lullaby

This heartwarming tale tells of a little Moshling whose lighthouse home and new friends become his guiding lights during a journey of discovery around the Moshi world. 

Tumbles the Nifty Shifty

This heartwarming Moshi Story tells of a fun-loving Moshling who struggles to fit in with some new faces. But when a kindly old wizard intervenes the tables are turned and Tumbles teaches everyone how to be more welcoming.

Gratitude with Blossom

Take a calming Moshi Moment to think about the simple things we sometimes take for granted in this short, magically uplifting session starring Blossom.

Gigi Clark