Meet the Moshling – Ping the Moshling Panda

Meet the Moshling – Ping the Moshling Panda

3 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Meet Ping – a Moshling panda who loves paddleboarding and spreading positive vibes. No one is quite sure why Moshling pandas like Ping love paddleboarding so much. Perhaps it’s because most of them live near tropical lagoons, so bobbling along on the gentle waves comes naturally to them. Or maybe it’s because the gentle plippity plop paddling sound is wonderfully relaxing.

When Ping isn’t out on the ocean she loves hanging with her pals, Baz Barnacle and Bonzer the Prawn. She also loves playing guitar while daydreaming in her super comfy hammock.

Through interacting with this precious panda’s Moshi content, kids can learn:

Here’s how your children could spend their day with Ping and Moshi:

Morning: Start the day with a Moshi Moment

Ping’s Positive Thoughts

Think positive with Ping. This short Moshi Moment features lots of empowering self-affirmations. Reminding yourself how awesome you are has never been easier.

Mid-Day: Drift off at naptime with a Moshi Story and some Moshi Music

Ping the Paddleboarding Panda

Travel to the tropical Moshi paradise of Lush Lagoon, to join a cute panda who just loves paddleboarding. The plippity-plop sound her paddle makes is enough to make anyone sleepy.

Ping’s Paddleboarding Prelude

Brought to you by our award-winning team to help kids relax, focus, concentrate and sleep. Many of our tranquil, completely original instrumentals are fully orchestrated and super relaxing.

Afternoon: Take a minute to check in with some Moshi Breathing

Breathing with Ping

Teach kids the basics of deep breathing, helping them to calm down during anxious moments, or simply relax and improve focus. By utilizing Moshi’s cute characters in conjunction with simple animations and mellow music, Moshi Breathing is a fun way to introduce the various benefits of deep breathing to little ones.

Night: Wind down the day with these magical bedtime stories

Ping’s Lush Lagoon Litter Pickup

Naughty Glumps have been throwing litter in Potion Ocean, so Ping and her friends decide to clean up their beloved beach until it looks amazing. This is Part 1 of a 3-part series all about loving our world and cherishing the environment

Cali & Ping’s Paddleboarding Party

Featuring two Moshling superstars, Ping and Cali, the genuine plippity-plop of paddleboarding, and soothing singing, this very special bonus story is a heartwarming tale of true friendship.

Don’t miss out on these great Moshi tracks featuring Ping the Moshling Panda, either!

For the Holiday Season

Ping’s Twistmas Postal Service

This sleepy Twistmas tale tells of a brave snowboarding panda who delivers mail to Santa. But this year, she gets some unexpected but very welcome help. Ho-Ho-Ho!

Coming Out Soon

Ping’s Beach Hammock Chill Time

Relax as we tell you all about Ping the Panda’s lazy afternoon as she sways to and fro in her cozy beach hammock while playing her guitar. A super sleepy, totally tropical Moshi treat.

Out on July 13th!

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Alyssa Morgan