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Moshi for Educators: Case Study with Ms. S, a 2nd Grade Teacher

7 April 2022 • Words by Allison Henry 2 mins

Madison Schwierjohann
2nd Grade Teacher
Riverview Elementary
Independent School District 192, Farmington MN

Maddy has a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in English/Language Arts. This is her third year teaching in Farmington and her second year teaching second grade. Looking back over the last couple of years of teaching throughout the pandemic, Maddy and her colleagues on the second-grade team realized that they and their students would benefit greatly from more SEL, so they set a goal to prioritize SEL and incorporate it into their daily and weekly routines. They found Moshi while looking for SEL tools that were free, and it quickly became a favorite of teachers and students alike.

Every day after lunch and recess, Maddy’s class has quiet time. During this time students listen to Moshi to help their bodies and minds come back down from the high energy of the midday activities. While Moshi is playing, kids are able to write in their journals, color, use modeling clay, or do some other quiet sensory activity. Half of the classroom is dimly lit and half is fully lit and kids can choose where to be based on what they are doing while Moshi is playing. Maddy finds that this time helps kids focus and relax and the kids ask for it!

Maddy also started doing Mindful Mondays. After their morning meeting, Maddy and her students enjoy a Moshi Moment, 48 minutes of calming time to ease into the first day of the school week.

Daily Schedule

7:25–7:40 Morning Jobs/Morning Choice

7:40–8:10 Morning Meeting

8:15–8:30 Mindful Monday Activities

8:45 Brain Break

9:00–10:15 Literacy and Reading Rotations

10:25–11:30 Recess and Lunch

11:35–11:55 Quiet Time (Moshi Plays)

12:00–12:35 Math

12:40–12:55 Snack and Story

12:55–1:05 Pack Up

1:05–1:55 Specialist

After Specialist Is Dismissal

As you set goals for SEL in your classroom or school, check out what Moshi offers to help you plan for how and when SEL fits in the day. Moshi offers practical tips, activities, and full SEL lessons.

Allison Henry