Self Care Night Routine for Exhausted Parents

Self Care Night Routine for Exhausted Parents

8 April 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Ask a parent how they’re feeling, and they’ll most likely say exhausted. As a caregiver, giving yourself permission (and finding the time) to wind down for the night can be difficult. With so many things to do, quieting our minds and bodies seems impossible. We want our children to learn good self-care – so as to show them how it’s done, we have to take care of ourselves too. After all, children learn through observation as much as direction, so be sure to model a self-care night routine for your little ones.

Self-care night routine


Step away from the phone, it’ll still be there tomorrow. Blue screens can negatively affect sleep quality. For at least a few hours before bed, focus on physical ‘face time’.  This gives time to disconnect from all the issues in the news, and the relentless nature of social media.

Spend a screen-free evening with your family

A great way to connect with your family and your inner child is through games! Board games, charades, hide and seek – or your own family’s game you’ve created.  Everyone benefits from some physical and brain activity in the preparation for a good night of rest.

Hygiene tasks

By this, I mean standard teeth brushing and face washing. On a difficult day, consider putting a bit more time aside for a pampering treat – like a bubble bath, hot shower, and/or facemask.


A few sentences covering what you’re grateful for from that day can do wonders to help relax the mind and enter into a mindful, relaxed state. Sharing a journal with your child can also be a great way to wind down your day. Check out our blog, The Benefits of Journaling for Parents and Kids, to learn more!

Night time tea

Certain caffeine-free teas can help relax the body and mind. They can also help kids settle, too! Chamomile, lavender and magnolia are some of our favorites to settle in with for a calming evening.

Deep breathing and guided meditations 

Even though the Moshi app is designed with kids in mind, the meditations are great for all ages! From short, deep breathing exercises to guided body scans, it’s a great tool for both your little ones and yourself. 

Our favorite Moshi Meditation for an evening wind-down is Magical Moshlight Body Scan. In this magical meditation, you imagine a ball of light radiating relaxing vibes into your whole body, from head to toe. Perfect for your self-care night routine!

5 things to avoid before bed:

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