Self Care Saturday: 5 Radical Acts of Self Care for Parents (& Kids)

Self Care Saturday: 5 Radical Acts of Self Care for Parents (& Kids)

11 June 2022 • Words by Samantha Redgrave-Hogg 3 mins

To radically self-care is about tending to our deeply rooted needs despite others’ expectations. It is less about a ‘product’ that inevitably we can’t attain or afford. When parenting carries an emotional price tag, let’s empower and enliven ourselves first. The result? Confident kids that understand it’s ok to meet personal needs first.

So, how do you pay for being a parent? Tiredness, guilt, overwhelm? The undeniable love and devotion I have for my children comes at a price. Why didn’t I say it in a better way? Are they getting enough one-on-one time? Am I doing enough? These are the three needling questions I ask myself daily. In a world that teaches us that we are not enough. In a world that encourages us to make comparisons. We have learned to be worthwhile we have to do more and be more. It’s no wonder parents are struggling to let themselves off the hook and practice self-care.

5 Acts of Self Care for Parents & Kids

Let yourself off the hook

Being a ‘good parent’ is not always about maintaining a perfect home, keeping up with other family’s achievements, remembering everything, earning more money, or never getting annoyed. Instead, it’s more about how we engage with our children in the here and now. Making mistakes and apologizing, being present, and making a commitment to being a lifelong student in this crazy world of parenting is actually what makes us ‘enough’. Make today a day where you just simply exist alongside your children. Just go with the flow without expectation. I’ve got a feeling this will turn out to be a magical day indeed.

Go for a walking meditation

Meditations can take many forms so make Saturday a wonderful time to go out in nature as a family and be grateful for all the amazing sounds, sights, and smells this beautiful world has to offer. Studies have revealed that spending time in nature can be great for kids’ confidence, creativity, responsibility-taking, stress, and wellbeing. Meditation in general is an incredible way to bond with your children and be truly present. Our Peekaboo’s Relaxing Roots is a lovely way to absorb positive energy as a family by going deep beneath the world of Moshi.

Do something just for fun

I love to be silly at home. My favorite thing about being a parent is to act like a big kid and dance, laugh, and sing like no one is watching. Kids love it when their parents are a bit crazy and childlike for a little while. Play a game, have a tea party, run around the garden, put on funny music… the choices are endless. These little moments of joy release oxytocin, which is a neuropeptide linked to social connectedness. This can strip away at any of that parent fatigue, helping you feel like you don’t need to do or achieve to be ‘good enough’. Just have fun!

Get together with another family

This is a lovely thing to do on a Saturday but remember to meet up with those that keep your positive cup full. Connecting with other parents that understand you can feel really rewarding. Your kids can benefit from socializing with the other children too. If you are looking for days out tips try Days Out With The Kids or Family Days Out for some great suggestions. The Dad Life has some good advice if there are any fathers out there who are struggling to connect with other parents, feeling lost with it all, or need some ideas on how to navigate the challenges of parenting. Feeling a sense of belonging and sharing our experiences with other folk is an act of radical self-care as it tends to our deep-rooted needs for love and connection.

Get an early night

Well after a day of walking, socializing, and having fun, what you will all need is an early night. Nourish yourself as well as your child by creating a super relaxing bedtime with soft lighting, fresh night clothes, and some relaxing music like Sweet Moshi Jazz. According to Sleep Foundation, parents should prioritize their sleep. So cuddle up together, say goodnight, and let go of any tensions with a healthy bedtime routine.

You will always have open tabs on your parenting computer but you can learn to nurture yourself in the same way you look after your child so well. I encourage you to find ways to make this happen. It’s ok to put yourself first. But most importantly let go of any negative imprints that are preventing you from believing it’s ok to put yourself at the top of the pile. Your children will model this amazing self-esteem and feel better for it. Happy self-care Saturday, parents!

Samantha Redgrave-Hogg