Back-to-School with Moshi

Manage transitions from
morning routines to bedtime
(and everything in between).

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Back-to-School with Moshi

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Healthy screentime and safe content that your kids will love

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Tracks for anxiety, calming down, focusing and sleep

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Over 150 characters with new stories weekly that teach kids social and emotional skills

Articles for Educators

Discover how Moshi can help you in the classroom

There’s no doubt that social and emotional learning (SEL) is one of the most talked-about topics in education right now.

What is Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)?
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From parenting strategies to apps, everyone seems to be talking about social and emotional learning (SEL). But what is it, and why is it so important?

Why is SEL Important?
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You only have a limited amount of time with the students so one of your goals is to maximize learning. Here's how Moshi helps.

Moshi & Special Area Classrooms
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This short, step-by-step program is here to help kids become healthier and happier by showing them how to take more notice of the way they feel.

7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness

Articles for Caregivers

Discover how Moshi can help you at home

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It’s no secret that we want our children to grow into kind, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent adults…but how do we guide them along the way?

SEL in the Home – What Does SEL Mean for Parents?
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When it comes to deep breathing exercises for kids, it’s important to remember these should be fun and easy to remember when things start to feel topsy-turvy.

Ease Worries with Deep Breathing
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While it’s easy to think that a return to normal will be easy enough, it’s important to remember that our kids can’t just pick up where they left off.

Routines Calm the Back-to-School Storm
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Try out all of these tracks, to support your child on a journey of emotional well-being, mindful days and restful nights.

FREE Stories, Music and Meditations

“At the beginning of the school year, I introduce the concepts of mindfulness through 7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness. This series allows students to learn mindfulness fundamentals that build SEL skills that transfer to other times of the day.”