Meet the Moshling – Dewy the Inventor

Meet the Moshling – Dewy the Inventor

19 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Meet Dewy – a friendly, kinda quirk Moshling with bright red fur. Dewy owns a popular little hardware store in Monstro City. When he’s not stacking shelves or organizing deliveries in his storeroom, he loves inventing really cool contraptions. Especially ones that make sleepy sounds, just like his Clen & Drem Wash-o-Matic Deluxe 300.

Dewy knows that our imaginations are powerful things. So, one of his favorite inventions is one he created with his own imagination. He calls it his Blissful Mind Broom and uses it to sweep negative thoughts away.

Through interacting with this quirky inventor’s Moshi content, kids can learn:

Here’s how your children could spend their day with Dewy and Moshi:

Morning: Start the day with a Moshi Moment

Kindness, Caring and Sharing with Dewy

Fill yourself up with happy energy as you join Dewy and discover how putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can help you to understand how they are feeling.

Mid-Day: Settle the mind after a packed start to the day

Dewy’s Blissful Mind Broom

Sweep worries away in this fun and uplifting session that explains how Dewy clears clutter from his mind with an imaginary magic broom.

Afternoon: Take a minute to check in with some Moshi Breathing

Breathing with Dewy

Teach kids the basics of deep breathing, helping them to calm down during anxious moments, or simply relax and improve focus. By utilizing Moshi’s cute characters in conjunction with simple animations and mellow music, Moshi Breathing is a fun way to introduce the various benefits of deep breathing to kids.

Night: Wind down the day with this magical Moshi Meditation

Dewy’s Dreamy Dishwasher

Hear how the Moshi washy whoosh of Dewy’s very special dishwasher is one of the loveliest, bubbliest ways to calm the mind or drift off to sleep.

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Alyssa Morgan