Meet the Moshling – Professor Feathersnooze

Meet the Moshling – Professor Feathersnooze

5 June 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Professor Feathersnooze is known as the Owl of Nod and likes quiet, calm feelings. He has a Moshiversity degree in twilight twit-twoo-ing and knows all there is to know about sleeping, snoozing and snuggling.

Because of his love for all things calm and relaxing, Professor Feathersnooze is the perfect Moshling friend to help teach kids self-management skills. Through interacting with this sleepy owl’s Moshi content, kids can learn:

And now as you think happy thoughts… picture anything that makes you smile and feel content. Let your mind fill up with happy thoughts as you fly high in the sky above the Moshi World…

Be Kind To Your Mind with Professor Feathersnooze

Here’s how your children could spend their day with Professor Feathersnooze and Moshi:

Morning: Start the day with a Moshi Moment

Be Kind To Your Mind with Professor Feathersnooze

Take to the skies with a wise little owl in this magical meditation that will shoo clouds (and worries) away by taking you on a calming moonlit flight above the treetops. Twit-twoo.

Drift off at naptime with this Moshi Lullaby

Little Feathersnooze

Get your own little owls to sleep with this soothing lullaby that sings of twinkling stars, tired wings and wondrous things.

Wind down the day with these magical bedtime stories

The Twilight Twit-Twoos of Professor Feathersnooze

Soar into starlit skies alongside a very wise Owl of Nod who sends the entire Moshi world to sleep with his tuneful twit-twoo-ing. A real hoot.

Searching For Sleepies, Part 3

Float high up into the treetops as Buster Bumblechops and his new Sleepy friends search for an Owl of Nod in part three of this four ‘sleepisode’ journey.

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Alyssa Morgan