Meet the Moshling – Yawnsy the Sleepwalking Otter

Meet the Moshling – Yawnsy the Sleepwalking Otter

7 August 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Meet Yawnsy – an impossibly cute, Moshling Otter that sleepwalks! Their enchanted yawn is said to send all who hear it to sleep. When they’re not drifting along the moonlit waters of Snufflepeep Creek on a little log raft, Yawnsy loves swimming in an enchanted cavern, gazing at the night sky through the big hole in its ceiling.

Yawnsy loves to spend their time searching for Glimmering Glowfish to illuminate the jam jar lanterns that festoon the wonderfully dreamy cavern they call home. 

Through interacting with this calming otter’s Moshi content, kids can learn:

Here’s how your children could spend their day with Yawnsy and Moshi:

Morning: Start the day with a Moshi Moment

5-Minute Stream of Calm with Yawnsy

Join Yawnsy the Otter in this short and super calming Moshi Moment in which we imagine thoughts slowly drifting by on a stream. Perfect for easing anxiety.

Mid-Day: Drift off at naptime with a Moshi Story

Yawnsy & Roxy’s Twinkly Chime Mine

Take a magical journey through an enchanted mine filled with tinkling chimes, in this special bonus story that brings two of Moshi’s favorite characters together.

After School: Relax the mind and body after a long day at school

Yawnsy’s Blissful Body Scan

Join Yawnsy in this magical, deeply relaxing body scan that encourages listeners to focus on various parts of the body and attain a feeling of peace and contentment.

Evening: Stay focused and relaxed during homework time

Yawnsy’s Liquid Relaxation Groove

Cool and calming, this mellow track flows like a gentle stream into the mind, body and beyond.

Night – Younger Listeners: Wind down the day with these lulling lullabies

Goodnight Yawnsy

Thanks to this perfectly peaceful lullaby’s soothing melody and calming rhymes, even grown-ups will struggle to stay awake. 

Snuggle Up, Yawnsy

Snuggle up and drift to sleep with this catchy and calming lullaby that speaks of bright stars and cozying in bed.

Night – Older Listeners: Wind down the day with these magical bedtime stories

Searching for Sleepies: Pt 2. Yawnsy

Drift along a starlit river as Buster Bumblechops and his new friend SleepyPaws search for a Sleepwalking Otter in part two of this four ‘sleepisode’ journey. 

Night Swimming with Yawnsy

This sleepy story explains how a super cute Moshling otter relaxes before bedtime by swimming in his enchanted cavern. Featuring HD sploshing sounds, it’s truly mesmerizing.

Want to discover more magical moshlings, like Yawnsy, and their Moshi tracks? Meet Darwin and Flumpy next!

Alyssa Morgan