Moshi Moments to Help Boost Your Child's Happiness

Moshi Moments to Help Boost Your Child’s Happiness

19 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

As caregivers, we all want our children to be happy – full of joy and wonder. We do our best day by day to help foster this feeling of happiness, but it’s also important for us to teach them to find their own happiness. The Moshi app is a great tool to add to their self-regulation toolbox because it’s packed to the brim with short, Moshi Moments designed to help children understand their feelings and emotions more. It’s not only great for tantrums, meltdowns and learning the ins and outs of relationships, but also understand the relationship they have with themselves. 

Here are just a few of our favorite Moshi tracks that will help your kids find their happiness.

Moshi Moments to Help Boost Your Child’s Happiness

5 Minutes to Happiness with ShiShi

Join ShiShi the Panda as you imagine a ball of light filled with joy and love, in this short Moshi Moment that will help you relax, calm down and feel happy.

Looking on the Brightside with Flumpy

Learn to look on the bright side of life as you join Flumpy the Pluff for this short but fun session that includes some mood-lifting self-affirmations you can repeat.

Ping’s Positive Thoughts

Think positive with Ping. This short Moshi Moment features lots of empowering self-affirmations. Reminding yourself how awesome you are has never been easier.

Wurley’s Happy Morning Meditation

Fuel up with happy energy every morning, via this quick session that gets you moving, stretching and firing up your amazing imagination alongside a Twirly Tiddlycopter. 

Little Feel Goods with Peeps

Relax, think happy thoughts and remind yourself how awesome you are, as you join Peeps to recite this list of mood-boosting self-affirmations or Little Feel Goods. 

Gratitude with Blossom

Take a calming Moshi Moment to think about the simple things we sometimes take for granted in this short, magically uplifting session starring Blossom.

Blinki’s Happy Moments

Take a Moshi Moment alongside Blinki, a hi-tech Moshling who likes to recall and cherish special moments of love and happiness. A wonderfully comforting exercise for any situation.

Alyssa Morgan