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Jibbly’s Jolly Sleep Spookfest

Jibbly’s Jolly Sleep Spookfest

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Jibbly’s Jolly Sleep Spookfest

Hello. Tonight we’re visiting Shivery Castle to meet Jibbly. Better still, this bizarre little Moshling has invited YOU to his very special Halloween party… It’s a hoot, so make yourself nice and comfy… and relax…

Sleepy Spookfest, Sleepy Spookfest

Please be our guest, Sleepy Spookfest

How do you do… tonight we’re going to have a spooky time

At a wondrous party held each year, by a sort of friend of mine

It’s a Halloween extravaganza, full of tricks and treats

With fun and games and monstery names, spinning mystery beats

Our host is quite peculiar… I don’t know where to start

His name is Jibbly, a Moshling Nibbly, debonair and, erm, smart

He looks as if he’s just got up or been dragged through a hedge

And when it comes to having fun, he lives right on the edge

He lives in Shivery Castle, a place that some folks fear

But Jibbly’s do’s the only place to be this time of year

So snuggle up and close your eyes, and let me be your guide

Jibbly’s party’s starting soon, so let’s dream ourselves inside

Sleepy Spookfest, Sleepy Spookfest

Please be our guest, Sleepy Spookfest

Tonight the glowing moon is full, and every star is shining

And Moshling wolves are howling, while something else is whining

Look, there’s Shivery Castle, it was once a ritzy place

But it’s very shoddy these days, the outside’s a disgrace

Paint is peeling, glass is cracked, the disrepair’s alarming

Yet this spooky place feels magical, it’s somehow rather charming

Tonight it’s been festooned with cobwebs, glowing ghoulish green

And the drawbridge leading to the door’s like none you’ve ever seen

Gleaming Jack O’ Lanterns are lined up on each side

And the moat below is filled with garish blue formaldehyde

The courtyard’s filled with broomsticks and phantom horseless carts

And look, the doors are opening, so now the party starts

Sleepy Spookfest, Sleepy Spookfest

Please be our guest, Sleepy Spookfest

Jibbly’s here to greet his guests with pumpkin flavoured tea

It’s said to give the sweetest dreams, just right for you and me

He’s dressed for the occasion, in a tattered suit and tie

The kind of thing a count might wear in centuries gone by

Jibbly bows and waves his hand, as if to say come in

And as we wander through the hall, we hear a frightful din

It seems the party’s underway, the place is chockablock

The Moshlings here at Jibbly’s castle sure know how to shock

Gone Wrong Blobs and Swamplings are dancing on the ceiling

While Pirate Phantoms bob for apples, some of which are squealing

Furry Heebees float around the flickering chandeliers

As a Fancy Banshee groans ‘Hello’ then slowly disappears

Sleepy Spookfest, Sleepy Spookfest

Please be our guest, Sleepy Spookfest

Let’s wander to the ballroom now, to check out what’s occurring

The band are tuning up ‘cos you can hear their ghoulish stirring

A Hoodoo’s playing pumpkin drums that glow with every hit

While a mummy wrapped in bandages shuffles round the kit

A pack of wolves howl backing vocals right behind the star…

It’s Jibbly singing out of tune while strumming a guitar

Next, a black cat starts to shake a cobweb tambourine

The audience love this racket, after all, it’s Halloween

The entire castle’s glowing now, the place is really swinging

So much so, it’s hard to hear the midnight bells a-ringing

See, now the time has come to move this party to the cellar

For Jibbly’s introducing an extraordinary fella

Sleepy Spookfest, Sleepy Spookfest

Please be our guest, Sleepy Spookfest

Jibbly leads the way now, down a staircase lit by lanterns

And every Moshling follows him, even all the phantoms

Next he pulls a massive switch, so everyone can see…

His quite fantastic cellar, that’s a huge laboratory

Jibbly says, “I’d like to introduce a friend of mine…

Created by the legend known as Dr Moshlingstein”

All the guests, including us, start looking around the lab

Then Jibbly points triumphantly towards a concrete slab

Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes from up above

And Jibbly grabs a massive lever, giving it a shove

Sluggishly a little figure sits up on the slab

It’s a very curious Moshling, but goodness it looks fab

Sleepy Spookfest, Sleepy Spookfest

Please be our guest, Sleepy Spookfest

This funny Moshling looks as if it’s made from several creatures

With Hoodoo arms and mammoth fur and countless oddball features

It’s dressed up for a party in a fusty, ragged suit

And even though it’s quite bizarre, it’s really very cute

Jibbly throws another switch and all his friends start swaying

It seems our mishmash Moshling guest is going to be DJ-ing

The concrete slab now flips around revealing fancy decks

And suddenly the lab is bathed in magic light effects

Moshlings dance the night away and have a ton of fun

Though Jibbly departs early, for he knows his work is done

This year’s Halloween has been another great success

But the time has come for him, and us, to have a good night’s rest


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