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The Twilight Twit-Twoos of Professor Feathersnooze

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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The Twilight Twit-Twoos of Professor Feathersnooze

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

The Twilight Twit-Twoos of Professor Feathersnooze

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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Hello. Tonight we’re soaring up into the moonlit skies, to hear all about the Twilight
twit-twoos of Professor Feathersnooze, a very special Owl of Nod. So snuggle down,
cozy up, close your eyes and relax…


High up in the treetops, in a nest with sweeping views
There lives a little Owl of Nod, Professor Feathersnooze
This sleepy Moshling’s known for being friendly, warm and wise
He’s probably the cleverest fellow in the twilight skies

When it comes to bedtime, the Professor knows it all
And if you cannot get to sleep he’s just the chap to call
He’s well versed in the art of slumber, some say he’s the best…
… At making sure his fellow Moshlings get a good night’s rest

Tonight the wise professor is preparing for a flight
He’ll soar around the Moshi world to bid his friends goodnight
But more than that he’ll hoot and coo, and trill his twits and twoos
For no one sings a sleep song like Professor Feathersnooze


As twilight falls and crickets call, the prof prepares his things
But first of all, he needs to choose which twit-twoos to sing
See, when you hear an owl at night its calls aren’t off the cuff
It gets them from an ancient book of sleepy, owlish stuff

The prof walks from his snuggly nest, along a nobbly branch
And as he does, he gives the world above a little glance
The stars are twinkling in the sky, the shimmering moon’s a crescent
And tiny fireflies flit around, their blurry wings fluorescent

The Professor’s going to check his book of songs and learn some more
Tonight he’ll try a lullaby that’s sure to make ‘em snore
The book is in his study, inside the tree’s huge trunk
It’s scattered with his brainy books… but mostly crammed with junk


The professor’s gently pecking at the tree trunk’s lilac bark
It’s hard to make out, even though most owls see in the dark
He pecks a secret button that ignites a scented candle
Which illuminates his front door and its little acorn handle

Shuffling inside the tree, the prof climbs on a shelf
It’s filled with rows of dusty books… and a photo of himself!
It shows the day he flew away from Moshi-versity
With a doctorate in snoozing and a Snufflepeeps degree

Flicking through his owl songbook, he finds a brand new tune
A hooting twit-twoo classic, called ‘Owling Round the Moon’
The professor quickly learns the song and hoots its melody
Then waddles back outside and takes off from his towering tree


Soaring through the Moshi skies, the professor hoots and coos
His latest song makes all who hear it snuggle up and snooze
Swooping down on Blisskiss Valley, then past Pawberry Fields
It’s really quite amazing the result his hooting yields…

A Silly Snuffler falls asleep while plumping up his pillow
And then a bunny dozes off beneath a whispering willow
Moshlings all across the land are lulled into sweet dreams
As tuneful owlish night song dances gently on moonbeams

Dainty Deer and Wandering Wumples cuddle up together
They wish the prof could hoot his twilight call to them forever
But now Professor Feathersnooze is heading t’wards Cloud 9
It’s where he flies each evening, just before his own bedtime


The puff of squish they call Cloud 9 is deeply mesmerizing
And Owls of Nod who come here say it’s oddly hypnotizing
The professor flaps towards the cloud, then gently touches down
And is greeted by a Moshling in a fluffy dressing gown

The Moshling is a Cuddly Wibble; mellow, warm and kind
His job’s to help all passing Owls of Nod chill and unwind
‘Cos even though the good professor helps the world relax
He sometimes finds his nightly journey messes with his naps

See, all that twit-twooing makes it rather hard to settle
And Cloud 9 is the only place to find a soothing nettle
The nettle’s called a bobocup, you make it into tea
And if you’re passing late at night they give out cups for free


Now he’s had his nettle tea, the professor’s heading home
He thinks of where he’s been tonight, the places he has flown
It seems the tune he cooed this evening really did the trick
‘Cos all the Moshlings down below fell sound asleep – and quick!

Gliding over Nutmeg Nook and passing Wobbly Wood
Our sleepy owl swoops down towards a distant neighborhood
Judging by the twinkling lights, his song has not been heard
So he twit-twoos his call once more… he’s such a thoughtful bird

The entire world is silent now, all Moshlings are asleep
And as the prof lands on his nest, you cannot hear a peep
He snuggles down and shuts his eyes to dream of new twit-twoos
Goodnight to you, old sleepyhead… Professor Feathersnooze

Goodnight. And sweet dreams…

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