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Close Your Eyes SleepyPaws

By Steve Cleverley & Sanj Sen

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Close Your Eyes SleepyPaws

By Steve Cleverley & Sanj Sen

Snuggle down, close your eyes, cosy up and relax. We’re off to the sleepiest, dreamiest corner of a very special place. The world of Moshi.

Close your eyes SleepyPaws, then clear your mind

Let’s drift away and see what we can find


Say hello to SleepyPaws, a very tired koala

He lives high up in a treehouse by a dreamy Moshi harbour

But SleepyPaws is restless and he just can’t get to sleep

So he’s going on a journey but he won’t be counting sheep

SleepyPaws is setting off across a fluffy meadow

It’s lined with balls of cotton wool and candy coloured hedgerows

He’s searching for a special place where Moshlings sleep and dream

But this is not a normal world, you’d know that if you’d been

Its lakes are filled with neon soup and stardust covers mountains

And Moshi music spouts each hour from rainbow sherbet fountains

When darkness falls a strange owl calls for all to go to sleep

And then the place falls silent… you cannot hear a peep


Close your eyes SleepyPaws, then clear your mind

Let’s drift away and see what we can find

Twilight is calling and owls hoot their tune

Stars twinkle gently around the half moon


SleepyPaws is floating now through fields of whispering grass

His eyes are feeling heavy, there’s a question he must ask

The place he seeks is said to lie beyond a haze of pink

So he’s going to ask the Moshlings he encounters what they think

“I’m looking for a sleepy place” he tells a Mystic Moggy

“It’s over there but do take care, it’s getting pretty foggy”

Just then a Dinky Dreamcloud glides slowly into view

And SleepyPaws hears rumbling, a storm’s about to brew

Lilac rain begins to fall, and glowing puddles form

But SleepyPaws keeps wandering, the raindrops feel so warm

He asks the Dinky Dreamcloud, “Can you show me the way?”

“Follow me” the cloud replies, “You’ve had a busy day”


Close your eyes SleepyPaws, then clear your mind

Let’s drift away and see what we can find

Raindrops are falling like sequins in streams

Tinkling sweet melodies into your dreams

Tumbling down through a cloud made of cotton

Shimmering moonbeams light memories forgotten

Night time’s upon us, the rain moves away

Minds start to wander as Tinklehuffs play


SleepyPaws is yawning now, he’s by a starlit lake

A boat arrives, he rubs his eyes, he can barely stay awake

The boat is crewed by Moshlings, they collect him from the shore

As lapping waves make soothing sounds, the stars begin to snore

Swaying on the moonlit water, SleepyPaws is drifting

The boat is bobbing up and down, pink mist is slowly lifting

A jungle island lies ahead and distant drums are calling

Is this the place where Moshlings sleep? The boat is slowing… crawling

A Songful Seahorse captain, looks into Sleepy’s eyes

“We’ll need to sing to move this thing, it’s fuelled by lullabies”

And then the crew begin to hum, a melody of bliss

The tune is quite familiar, and it sounds a bit like this…


Close your eyes SleepyPaws, then clear your mind

Let’s drift away and see what we can find

Waves lap the shoreline as tired Moshlings sing

Boats sailing slowly, their swaying bells ring


SleepyPaws is back on land, he’s on a jungle path

As crickets chirp their midnight song and distant monkeys laugh

A tribe of friendly Hoodoos point towards a lush lagoon

And SleepyPaws keeps walking, beneath the silvery moon

“Is the place where Moshlings sleep?”  he asks a passing bunny

“Perhaps” replies the rabbit, who whispers something funny

“Maybe you’re already dreaming, did you think of that?”

And then the bunny vanishes inside its bowler hat

By the water, SleepyPaws counts seven weeping willows

And by the tallest lies a pile of very squishy pillows

“Take one of these” a Sapling says, then points towards a hollow

“Just step inside and climb the stairs, and sleep will surely follow”


Close your eyes SleepyPaws, then clear your mind

Let’s drift away and see what we can find

High in a willow tree, sleep’s almost here

Snuggle your pillow and dreams will appear


SleepyPaws is in a tree, he’s climbing spiral stairs

And at the top a Silly Snuffler’s handing out cute bears

SleepyPaws nods in thanks and takes a cuddly teddy

And then a Pluff in pink pyjamas says, “Your nest is ready!”

Walking on a branch he sees a sea of twinkling stars,

As glowing fireflies flitter round in empty pickle jars

Staring at the Moshiverse, the world feels like it’s slowing

And then he flops into a nest that’s gently to-ing and fro-ing

He yawns and starts to curl up when a friendly owl swoops by

It’s carrying a basket through the dusky starlit sky

“Climb aboard” the owl coos, “I’m your valet for the night…

Just snuggle in my gondola, and please… enjoy your flight”


Close your eyes, SleepyPaws

Then clear your mind

Let’s drift away

And see what we can find

Fly over treetops through velvety skies

Staring above as the stars mesmerize


SleepyPaws is almost at the place he wants to be

He’s cozying in the basket as it lands upon a tree

“Night night, Sleepy” says the owl, its face lit by the moon

“You’ve reached your destination, but I’m sure I’ll see you soon”

Fast asleep now, SleepyPaws is dreaming of his trip

Of strange enchanted jungles and that music powered ship

He can’t remember everything so maybe he was dreaming

But in his paw he’s holding something small and round and gleaming

It’s a little piece of stardust, a night time souvenir

It starts to fade in Sleepy’s paw then slowly disappears…

Is this what dreams are made of, wherever you may roam?

‘Cos SleepyPaws is back in bed… inside his treehouse home

Goodnight SleepyPaws

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