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Nodkins goes Dream Hopping

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Nodkins goes Dream Hopping

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Nodkins goes Dream Hopping

Hello. Tonight we’re going dream-hopping with a very special Moshling called Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny. So snuggle down, close your eyes, cosy up and relax.

Dreamhopping, dreamhopping, dream hop with me

Make sure your dreams are as sweet as can be

When you go to sleep at night what’s your favourite dream?

Perhaps you go to boboland or somewhere in-between?

Maybe you surf rainbow waves or drift through outer space?

Or jump on flying unicorns to fly from place to place?

But wouldn’t it be great if you could visit others’ dreams?

To check out what they dream about and see where they have been

Well, there’s a little Moshling who can do that any time

Especially when it’s twilight and the moon begin to shine

Her name is Nodkins, very cute, and normal as can be

She lives inside a burrow right beside a willow tree

But unlike other Bedtime Bunnies, Nodkins has a skill

To see in other Moshlings’ dreams and hop in them at will

Dreamhopping, dreamhopping, dream hop with me

Make sure your dreams are as sweet as can be

It’s quite exciting, jumping into someone else’s dream

A bit like surfing channels but without the TV screen

And every night at bedtime Nodkins goes on an adventure

By thinking of the Moshling’s name whose dream she’d like to enter

Tonight she starts with Tiki cos his dreams are always fun

They usually take place on islands bathed in golden sun

She concentrates then suddenly she boings onto a beach

Where Tiki’s playing croquet with a giant fuzzy peach

Several minutes later Nodkins hops out of the dream

Deciding that she’d like to try a different Moshi scene

She thinks of Mr Snoodle and starts whispering his name

Then boings aboard a carriage on his sleepy Twilight Train

Dreamhopping, dreamhopping, dream hop with me

Make sure your dreams are as sweet as can be

Travelling in a Snoodle’y dream is mellow, calm and soothing

But then the train falls silent, as if no longer moving

Nodkins looks outside and sees they’re soaring through the skies

Past giant cups of herbal tea, and pumpernickel pies

Following her flight on board this dreamy flying train

Nodkins now decides it’s time to dreamhop once again

She thinks of Uncle Scallops and boings into his dream

And sees he’s  gently snoozing in his Mellow Submarine

Next she visits Captain Squirk, who dreams of cosmic sheep

And seeing as he lives in space, they never baa, they beep

Boinging in she watches space-sheep orbiting a planet

Or maybe it’s a little moon or giant pomegranate?

Dreamhopping, dreamhopping, dream hop with me

Make sure your dreams are as sweet as can be

Seeing all these Moshi dreams is really quite surreal

And Nodkins really loves it ‘cos the things she sees aren’t real

But sometimes every now and then she likes to intervene

Especially when her actions help to shape a Moshling’s dream

Tonight the dream she’s meddling in belongs to Marshall Ned

A Panto Pony Moshling who’s a proper sleepyhead

The dream he’s having right now is as random as can be

He’s ironing his trousers on a surfboard in the sea

But Ned looks rather troubled as the sea’s just turned to sky

And now he’s stranded on a cloud and Ponies cannot fly

So Nodkins gets a trampoline and shouts for Ned to leap

Which Ned does in an instant, though he’s really sound asleep

Dreamhopping, dreamhopping, dream hop with me

Make sure your dreams are as sweet as can be

Having helped a Panto Pony, Nodkins starts to ponder

“I wonder what would happen if my mind was left to wander?”

She tries to think of nothingness and empty out her mind

But all she sees are Moshling dreams of each and every kind

First she’s sees a forest filled with shoes and melting clocks

Where Wumples play on chessboards wearing massive woolly socks

Next she visits Waldo’s dream, a Tabby Nerdicat

Who’s cycling on a rainbow wearing nothing but a hat

She tries once more to concentrate on nothing much at all

But hops into a mermaid on a giant glitterball

She looks above and notices a duck on a trapeze

And wonders if these Moshlings have been eating too much cheese

Dreamhopping, dreamhopping, dream hop with me

Make sure your dreams are as sweet as can be

As the night continues Nodkins hops from dream to dream

Some are crazy, some are mellow, some are quite extreme

She dreamhops on a nightly basis, just to have a peep

And even though she dozes off, she’s never quite asleep

Perhaps this might explain why Nodkins always feels so weary

She needs to have her own sweet dreams, well that’s the general theory

So snuggling in her blanket, she whispers her own name

Then finds herself in Nutmeg Nook, beside a winding lane

Wandering past a willow tree she sees a Bedtime Bunny

“She looks familiar” Nodkins says, “I think that’s me, how funny!”

Then finally it dawns on her: “My own dreams are the best”

So she boings off with her dreamy friend to have a good night’s rest

Goodbye and sweet dreams…

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