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Mr Snoodle’s Moshi Moodlifter

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

Mr Snoodle’s Moshi Moodlifter

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Collections | Meditations

Mr Snoodle’s Moshi Moodlifter

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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Hello… What kind of mood are you in right now? Happy? Excited? Cheerful? Or maybe
you’re a little bit worried or sad? Don’t worry… everybody gets a little down in the dumps sometimes… and so does every Moshi. You see, even though the magical world of Moshi is very different to your world, lots of Moshlings occasionally need to shift – and lift – their mood… So remember, you’re not alone…

Take Mr Snoodle for example. This cute little Silly Snuffler is full of joy most of the time… but he’s always looking for lots of Moshi-tastic ways to cheer himself up during the times when he feels a little sad, bored, lonely, or just a bit blue… He calls them Moshi Moodlifters.

One thing that really lifts Mr Snoodle’s mood is taking his mind off whatever it is that’s
worrying him in the first place. You can do this by trying to keep your mind busy with
something else… watch a good movie (maybe something funny that will make you laugh),
play a game, or do something you really enjoy…

Just like us, Moshlings believe that laughter is often the best medicine, so try to think of
things that make you laugh – talk to your family about funny stuff, or call a friend and swap
some jokes and funny stories…

When he isn’t laughing, joking or busying his mind, Mr Snoodle loves doing the Doodle to
cheer himself up – the Doodle is a cute little dance he does around his home on Franzipan
Farm… And that’s something you can do in your home – dance, sing, whistle, hum, listen to
your favorite music…

You can even try learning to do something you’ve never done before… make a cake, learn a
new dance, create a model from cardboard boxes, packages or old bits and bobs… or read
something new…there are so many amazing new things we can all try to learn how to do.
Mr Snoodle also tries to exercise to lift his mood. It fills him with positive energy, even if he
only runs on the spot for a few minutes.

Another thing that makes Mr Snoodle happy is doing good deeds, He finds that helping out and making other Moshlings happy really cheers him up – because gratitude always lifts your mood.

You see, kindness is a superpower, friendship is a gift
And when you’re thoughtful every day it gives your mind a lift

So be kind to those around you… do a good deed, even if it’s just a few chores around the
house… … Mr Snoodle often shuffles around Franzipan Farm picking up pumpernickel
seeds and sweeping up stardust stems… it fills him with joy, knowing that his good deeds
have made other Moshlings happy and grateful…

Finally, think about what brings you joy… What makes you happy? Focusing on the good
things in life can really lift your mood… you might not be doing the Doodle around the
magical world of Moshi but thinking about whatever makes you happy can help take your
mind off anything that is making you sad or worried.

See, when you think happy thoughts they’re just like little seeds that grow like little flowers and wipe out any weeds. So, next time you need to boost your mood, think about all the things Mr Snoodle does and try some of them yourself. They can be your very own Moshi Moodlifters.



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