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ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker

Collections | Meditations

ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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Hello… before I tell you all about my little panda friend ShiShi, I’d like you to make yourself
comfortable… Sit down and put your hands in your lap, or by your side… And make sure
your back is nice and straight like a tall, strong tree… as if you’re being supported by a super strong magical golden thread, all the way up into the sky.

And now close your eyes… take a deep breath in through your nose… and then out through
your mouth… in… and then out… … in… and then out. Now carry on taking nice deep breaths, in and out, as you listen to my voice… and if you are feeling worried or anxious right now, know that the feeling will pass. Because it will…

Say it to yourself right now… out loud or in your head… “I know this feeling will pass” … “I
know this feeling will pass.”

ShiShi is one of the cutest, snuggliest pandas you could ever hope to meet here in the
magical world of Moshi. But just like you and me, this lovely little Moshling sometimes feels worried and anxious. There are even times when worrying is all she can think about it. Thankfully, ShiShi has found a great way to help make her worries fade away so that she feels less anxious… It’s a little trick that she does in her mind. She calls it her Soothing Anxiety Shrinker.

She starts by doing exactly what you’re doing right now… taking slow, deep breaths, in and
out. And every time she blows out she imagines she’s blowing out the candles on a cake.
Right now I’d like you to lift up your hand, either one will do, and bring it just in front of your mouth.

Now imagine your fingers are little candles… each time you breathe out, imagine your breath is blowing out the candles. Feel your breath on your fingers… doesn’t that feel nice? ShiShi has little furry paws but she still loves the feeling of breathing on them.

As ShiShi starts to relax, she likes to use her imagination to take her mind somewhere
peaceful and magical… let’s try that now… imagine you’re in the world of Moshi… in a
beautiful meadow, lined with tall trees… the sun is shining and the sky is blue… you can
hear birds singing in the distance. And the tall grass is swaying gently in the breeze. This is
such a calm, peaceful place. It’s like being on a mini vacation in your mind.

Now let’s imagine you have a little bubble blower. As you swish its wand or give it a blow,
the shiny, soapy bubbles float into the air… When ShiShi does this she pretends that each
bubble contains something that might be worrying her… something that makes her
anxious… try it now… That’s it… now blow the bubble and watch it slowly move away… vanishing into the distance… taking your worry away… further… and further… until *pop* it’s gone.

Do it again with another worry… … imagine it’s in the bubble, then watch the bubble disappear into the distance and *pop* it’s gone. And now just take a moment to picture your peaceful surroundings… the sky… the swaying grass… the clear sky… the trees… you feel calm and relaxed.

And now, when you are ready, return to where you are… … Right here and now… in this very moment… wiggle your fingers and toes… … And now rub your hands together… that’s
it… and now you can open your eyes… And remember, you can always return to your peaceful meadow with ShiShi, or on your own, whenever you want … You can even make up your own Soothing Anxiety Shrinker…


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