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Nodkins’ Soothing Sleepytime Meditation

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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Nodkins’ Soothing Sleepytime Meditation

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Collections | Meditations

Nodkins’ Soothing Sleepytime Meditation

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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This is a very special Moshi Meditation to help you sleep, and it was created thanks to
Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny. You see, as well as being able to boing into other Moshlings’
dreams, Nodkins finds falling asleep really easy. So tonight, I’d like you to pretend you’re a
cute little Bedtime Bunny, as we fall asleep the Nodkins way…

First of all, I’d like you to make sure you’re in bed. Get nice and cozy, and snuggle in…

Now if you can, try to remember the position you were in when you last fell asleep… Get into that position now…it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the position.. Just make yourself comfortable… And now close your eyes…Take a deep breath in through your nose and then slowly and gently breathe out through your mouth. And again… breathe in… and then out… And now breathe normally.

As you snuggle in bed, imagine you are tucked up like Nodkins in her lovely Moshi bunny
home… it’s a magical place in a twinkly forest, filled with pink squishy Mosh-mallows… When Nodkins is ready to sleep, she likes to make sure every part of her body is relaxed, from her floppy ears, then into her friendly face… her twitchy nose, and right down to her soft paws and cute cottontail.

I’d like you to imagine you are scanning your body, feeling for any parts that feel tight. First, think about your head… try to empty your mind… as if you are clearing out an old drawer filled with clutter… if thoughts come into your mind, that doesn’t matter… let them pass…

Now move down to your shoulders and arms… and imagine them softening and feeling light as feathers…all the way down to your fingers… That’s it… imagine this feeling of lightness traveling down to your legs… past your knees… and then finally into your toes…

Nodkins has a special place she likes to visit in her mind just before she nods off to sleep.
It’s somewhere she thinks about if her mind begins to wander or if she starts thinking about any worries she might have. Your place can be anywhere you love… a sunny beach… a snowy mountain… a meadow lined with flowers… or even up in space, drifting past planets and stars.

When Nodkins thinks of her special place she also thinks about her breath… in and out… in and out… in fact, she imagines that her, slow, steady breathing is what helps the pictures of her special place appear in her mind… so her breaths create the power to boost her sleepy imagination…

Nodkins is thinking of her special place right now… it’s her magical home… a cozy
rabbit hole, hidden beneath a tall tree in Nutmeg Nook. But Nodkins’ home is not just a hole in the ground… it’s a huge underground home, filled with pretty twinkly lanterns and squishy pink Mosh-mallows that she lazes around on… Can you picture it in your mind?

Or maybe you’re still thinking about your special place…Now, as you begin to feel really comfy and relaxed, think about the place you love… and if any thoughts try to keep you awake, just let them pass, like paper boats on a gentle stream, and then try to imagine your special place once more…

Nodkins is almost asleep now… ready to drift into a dream… And she always makes sure it’s
a wonderful, magical dream… can you picture her in your mind, snuggling in her squishy
bed… I wonder where her dreams will take her tonight?

Maybe she’ll hop into your dreams to say hello…? Or perhaps the two of you will go on a
dreamy adventure somewhere in the world of Moshi…You can go wherever you like in your dreams… and do amazing things…

Think about a dreamy place… and remember, your gentle breathing can help it to appear… it sometimes helps if you count each breath as it goes in and out, in and out.


Keep counting if you like, and let the wonderful images of your special place drift in and out of your thoughts as you listen to the dreamy sounds around you… goodnight… and
goodnight to you too, Nodkins.

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