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Inner Peace with Pablo

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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Inner Peace with Pablo

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Collections | Meditations

Inner Peace with Pablo

By Steve Cleverly & Sanj Sen

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Hello. Right now, we’re going to take a moment to think about how we can feel calm and
happy, and achieve Inner Peace – or as Moshlings say, Inner Smiley-ness.

One Moshling who is really great at finding his Inner Smileyness is Pablo the Plush Brush.
But before we hear more, let’s make sure we’re feeling relaxed and comfortable. Sit down
and have a little wiggle to loosen up… Now place your hands on your lap, or by your side…
and try to sit nice and upright with your back straight.

…it sometimes helps to imagine that your back is a tall tree, straight and very strong… Now
close your eyes…and as you relax, take a long, deep breath in through your nose… and then
let it out through your mouth… in… and out… in and out… and as you continue to breathe
slowly and deeply allow your mind to picture the Moshi-tastic things I describe…

Pablo the Plush Brush looks like an artist’s paintbrush, with little arms and legs. And his swirl of hair is rainbow-colored thanks to all the magical Moshi paint he uses. Pablo loves
painting beautiful scenery… and right now he is in a glorious Moshi meadow, sitting at his
easel, gazing at the majestic Moshi mountains in the distance.

Picture him in your mind… and imagine you’re with him, looking out across the meadow, which is lined with pretty flowers and gooberry trees. You might even be able to hear Pablo’s brush strokes on his canvas, as he paints the scene before him… soaring snow-capped mountains that are strong and powerful, just like you… clear blue skies and the lovely meadow, peaceful and calming…

The sun is shining… and this whole scene fills Pablo with a wonderful feeling of… Inner
Smiley-ness. And as you start to feel your own Inner Smiley-ness, know that you can return to this peaceful place and join Pablo to paint pictures in your mind whenever you need to relax…

Now, when you’re ready, open your eyes… have a little stretch and try to make sure your
Inner Smiley-ness stays with you all day…


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