Play and Music Go Hand in Hand

Play and Music Go Hand in Hand

How can play and music help kids? Expression, language and speech building, stress release – Read to learn more...

Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

Dealing with Post-Holiday Blues

With the holiday season behind us, some children may experience post-holiday blues. Here are tips to spot the signs and help kids cope...

Moshi Play is Here! 4
  • 4 mins

Moshi Play is Here!

Moshi Play is an opportunity for kids to have fun with our most beloved...
Meet Tanya & Ruby
  • 2 mins

Meet Tanya & Ruby

The first time she listened to SleepyPaws and fell asleep within 10 minutes, I...
Christmas Bedtime Stories
  • 4 mins

Christmas Bedtime Stories

Discover why bedtime stories are beneficial for children, especially during the holiday season along...