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Mr Snoodle’s Twilight Train

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Mr Snoodle’s Twilight Train

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Mr Snoodle’s Twilight Train

All aboard

Hello. You’re riding on Mr Snoodle’s Twilight Train: final destination, the Land of Nod…, Passing through Blisskiss Valley, Cloud 9, Divinity Island, Flutterby Fields, Franzipan Farm, Pawberry Fields, Make Believe Valley and everywhere in-between, before and beyond… so close your eyes, snuggle down and make yourself comfortable. We’re heading into the world of Moshi…

All aboard

Have you ever wondered how a Snuffler gets from A to B?

Or C to D, or F to Q, or even X to Zee?

It doesn’t walk or catch a bus or even take a plane

It cosies up on board a very special Twilight Train

See Silly Snufflers love to sleep but lullabies aren’t enough

So they put on their pyjamas and pack some sleepy stuff…

A little cap, some snuggly socks, a pillow made of squish

Some gooberry scented blankets and a ticket with a wish…

…To guide the one who holds it to a platform with no number

And board a train that takes them to a dreamy land of slumber

The clickety-clack of wheels on track is really quite relaxing

And though this train is very slow the journey’s far from taxing

All aboard

Puffs of steam obscure the dreams of all who step aboard

As little Moshlings pass through places largely unexplored

Can you hear the Twilight Train? You’re riding on it now

You’re dozing in the sleeper carriage, who knows why… or how?

Mr Snoodle’s opposite, he’s snuggling in his bunk

And there beneath the window sits his tatty leather trunk

Its lid’s festooned with stickers from the places that he’s been

Reminders of the faces and the wondrous things he’s seen

A faded one says ‘Jollywood, a place where life is slower’

Another shows the smouldering peak of sleepy Krakkablowa

‘Visit Fluffy Forest’ says a blue one by the strap

Another shows the whereabouts of Snooze Street on a map

All aboard

Mr Snoodle doesn’t speak but smiles a tired hello

He notices you’re looking at his suitcase down below

He get himself more comfy and stretches oh so wide

Then wipes the misty window so you both can see outside

Clattering through the Moshiside, the train is slow but steady

And Mr Snoodle starts to yawn while cuddling his teddy

Passing through a moonlit station Snoodle sees a sign

‘You can’t alight so please relax, you’re on the Twilight Line’

Steaming up a mountain now, in pittery-pattery rain

It’s hard to see the MooMoos through the misted window pane

The train keeps climbing skywards, as woolly clouds float by

Perhaps the train has left the rails? No, Twilight Trains can’t fly

All aboard

Magical Mules with moonlit manes are gathering outside

They overtake the carriage as the fluffiest clouds subside

The mules are cantering through the air, their rainbow horns are glowing

And then they gallop towards the stars, their sparkly manes still flowing

Illuminated by the moon, Cloud 9 lies straight ahead

We must have passed through Blisskiss Valley climbing into bed

Mr Snoodle yawns once more, entranced by what he sees

And then a guard who’s wearing slippers whispers, “Tickets please”

“I see you’re with us till the end, right to the Land of Nod

Did you see Divinity Island? It’s wonderfully odd

Perhaps you missed it on the left, it’s hard to see at night

But then again your windows here are facing to the right”


All aboard


“It’s covered in a wispy fog, a lighthouse guards its bay

And sometimes when it’s really late its glow worm lanterns sway”
“But listen to me rambling” the guard says to himself

“I’ll say ‘night night’ and leave this flask of cocoa on your shelf”

The train is rolling downhill now, through fields of Flutterbies

Their flittering wings make neon patterns in the inky skies

Mr Snoodle’s very tired, this train works like a charm

He’s feeling warm and cosy as they trundle through a farm

Rows and rows of franzipan are glistening like fresh snow

And then they pass a waterwheel which starts to spin and glow

The rhythm of the Twilight Train makes Snoodle’s tired mind wander

Did we just pass through Pawberry Fields? Oh no, that’s over yonder

All aboard

Pinky purpley orchards, sweep gently into view

But Mr Snoodle’s eyes are closed, this sleep’s long overdue

Other stations pass by, but Snoodle barely sees

As heavy eyes are one thing that this journey guarantees

And now the sound of tranquil snoring echoes through the train

It dovetails with the clattering to form a sweet refrain

Our Silly Snuffler’s sleeping now, the train meanders on

The passenger once opposite? Mysteriously gone

Was that you on the Twilight Train? Did you miss your final station?

Or maybe you imagined it and sleep’s your destination

Either way, Mr Snoodle rides on through the night

And hopes he’ll see you soon onboard the train they call… Twilight


Good night

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