Our Favorite Moshi Content to Get Your Kids Ready for School

Our Favorite Moshi Content to Get Your Kids Ready for School

29 July 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 3 mins

Have a child who’s about to head back to school after a long and fun-packed summer break? The Moshi app is full of brilliant learning moments, meditations and bedtime stories that are perfect for getting your family ready for the big change. Whether it’s getting them back on a schooltime sleep schedule, building their confidence before entering a new classroom, or teaching them how to be a good friend – Moshi has you covered!

Our Favorite Moshi Content to Get Your Kids Ready for School

Wake up their minds and bodies with these Moshi Moments and Meditations

Morning Rise & Shine with Chirpy

Start your day the Moshi way and fill up with Rise & Shine energy, as you join Chirpy and awaken your mind and body with this short but sweet birdsong-backed moment.

Wurley’s Happy Morning Meditation

Fuel up with happy energy every morning, via this quick session that gets you moving, stretching and firing up your amazing imagination alongside a Twirly Tiddlycopter. 

Teach them to build positive relationships before heading into the classroom

Understanding Jealousy with Buster and Fifi

In this short but fun Moshi Moment, Buster Bumblechops helps Fifi deal with feelings of jealousy by explaining the power of gratitude, empathy and much more. 

Cali’s Rockpool of Inclusivity

Learn how Cali the Mermaid celebrates differences and welcomes new friends who drift in and out of the rockpool where she chills. A short but heartwarming Moshi Moment.

Kindness, Caring and Sharing with Dewy

Fill yourself up with happy energy as you join Dewy and discover how putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can help you to understand how they are feeling.

Add some coping and self-regulation skills to their toolbox

Panic Be Gone with Pops

Quickly deal with panicky moments alongside Pops, a little Moshling who has learned how to control his feelings using deep breathing, visualizations and calming self-affirmations. 

5-Minute Stream of Calm with Yawnsy

Join Yawnsy the Otter in this short but super calming Moshi Moment in which we imagine thoughts slowly drifting by on a stream. Perfect for easing anxiety.

5 Minute Anger Release with Blurp

Help anger float away the Bubblefish way in this quick, calming exercise that encourages you to imagine any clouds of frustration leaving your body. “My anger today is going away”

Build their confidence with these Moshi Moments that are packed with affirmations

Looking on the Brightside with Flumpy

Learn to look on the bright side of life as you join Flumpy the Pluff for this short but fun session that includes some mood-lifting self-affirmations you can repeat.

Awesome Vibes with Blingo

Think awesome thoughts while focusing on the power of positivity alongside Blingo the Flashy Fox. This is a fun Moshi Moment that will fill you with happy vibes. 

Ping’s Positive Thoughts

Think positive with Ping. This short Moshi Moment features lots of empowering self-affirmations. Reminding yourself how awesome you are has never been easier.

Drift off to sleep with these school-themed bedtime stories

Blurp Goes Back to School

Find out how Blurp the Batty Bubblefish makes going back to school a whole heap of fun in this fishy tale. Filled to the gills with helpful hints and tips!

Fluttercup’s School for Unicorns

We all dream of being a unicorn sometimes. So, this Moshi Story is all about Gigi, a little Moshling Mule who travels to a place beyond imagination with a legendary unicorn called Fluttercup. Possibly the most magical Moshi Story yet.

The Moshi School Series

Welcome to the Moshi School Series! This is a three-sleepisode story where we’ll learn our Moshi A to Z along with some bonus Moshi history, Moshlingology, and even some Mathmoshics. So, it’s school with a fun Moshi twist.

Alyssa Morgan