Moshi Bedtime Stories on YouTube Kids

Moshi Bedtime Stories on YouTube Kids

26 October 2022 • Words by Samantha Redgrave-Hogg 4 mins

Getting your child to sleep can be one of the trickiest challenges parents can face. I find the pre-bedtime frenzy so hard as I’m utterly exhausted at the end of the day. Is anyone with me? Overtired children tend to be hyperactive at bedtime due to increased cortisol, making it much harder for them to fall asleep. Cortisol is our body’s stress hormone, which elevates when we don’t get enough rest, causing us to stay awake. Bedtime routines and starting to get kids to unwind are so important because we can prevent hyperactivity. If this sounds easier said than done, fear less! We have this covered for you. Let Moshi do the work and be your new superpower.

How can I get my child to fall asleep easily at night?

We have a great Moshi Kids: Sleep and Mindfulness YouTube channel to help your child have the best bedtime imaginable. We have created this so that you and your family have access to free bedtime help. Join our 112,000+ subscribers to learn more. We are already helping the hearts and minds of so many families and would love to help you too. If you feel stressed about bedtime, listen to our Bedtime Stories for Kids playlist on our channel when you need that extra helping hand. For me, this is most nights!

We have 22 Bedtime Stories to Help Kids Sleep full of sleepy music and soothing sounds to help your child drift off into a relaxed and peaceful sleep. The mellow music and sounds, whimsical characters, and engaging topics give kids something to focus on while they fall gently to sleep. Moshi Stories help eliminate stress and negative thinking before falling asleep because we offer stories that are full of sleepytime adventure at a pace that soothes children’s minds and bodies. Here are a few of my favorite Moshi tracks to help your little one get a good night’s sleep.

Moshi Bedtime Stories to Help Kids Sleep

Close Your Eyes SleepyPaws

Let’s drift away and see what we can find with our very tired koala, SleepyPaws. He lives high up in a treehouse and is feeling so restless. He journeys across a fluffy meadow to a special place where Moshlings sleep and dream. Mountains covered in stardust, lush lagoons, rainbow sherbert fountains, and a silvery moon—this is the perfect guided visualization for young children with a great imagination. With heavy eyes, squishy pillows, and a pinky haze, SleepyPaws eventually drifts off into a relaxing sleep with a little piece of stardust in his hand. With over 20 million YouTube plays, it looks like this is one of your favorites, too!

Stanley and Ophelia

This is a nostalgically romantic tale of Stanley the Songful Seahorse’s search for a sub-aquatic soulmate. Ophelia quite literally knocks Stanley off his leaf in this beautifully relaxing bedtime story. Together they travel along the ocean floor toward the Turquoise Reef, noticing the technicolored jellyfish swaying and the beautiful colors of the sea. Filled with famous starfish and a Moshi rockstar whale, this reef is the perfect place to dance the night away until tiredness takes over. They fall in love and glide off to spend their lives together. It is a perfectly dreamy end for all children to enjoy.   


Ziggy’s Hunky Dory Sleepy Story

If you are looking for a calming bedtime story for toddlers, then you have come to the right place! Ziggy is a cool koala who dresses to impress and loves to dance to glam rock music. He plays guitar, wears glitter, and loves to busk for his fellow Moshlings. It’s only when a Metal Guru whisks him off to a sparkly city to become a star that he lives out his wildest dreams. He plays to the locals who applaud his power chords and flamboyant ways. This hunky-dory sleepy story will help your toddler fall into an easy sleep.

Tick-Tock Ten-Minute Bedtime

Our YouTube channel is full of a variety of bedtime stories. We have something for everyone. If you are looking for a more concise meditation, try this short bedtime story for your child. The soothing tickety-tock sound will help your child drift off to sleep in no time. When the stars begin to twinkle, Holmes the Clockity Wockity from Cuckoo Close and Mini Ben the Teeny TickTock from a foggy Moshi riverbank love to lie back and think about their day as they tick-tock away. They even carry on their sound when they fall asleep. Sweet dreams, little ones.

Extra Bedtime Tips

If you are looking for even more ways to improve your child’s bedtime, you can try these top five tips:

  1. Give them a warm bath, which will mentally and physically prepare them for sleep.
  2. Reduce screen time at least an hour before bedtime to help them relax.
  3. Set a relaxing mood with some low lighting and calming music.
  4. Let them make a choice—for example, which book to read or which pajamas to wear.  
  5. Cuddle up and tell your own bedtime stories. Kids love this!

How can I engage my kids when choosing a bedtime story?

It is great to allow your child to make some choices and letting them choose their own bedtime story can be so much fun. Perhaps they have an old favorite, anticipate the new releases, or love the Moshi series. Younger kids may want to choose a story based on the image they see and older kids will be able to read the description of the story. Kids are naturally curious, so take some time during the day to let kids explore Moshi Stories so that at bedtime, they are prepared to make a choice. 

How else can Moshi help?

If you love our channel, feel free to subscribe. You will be the first to know about the latest Moshi Stories that are released on our Moshi YouTube channel. We have many other playlists on there that you might enjoy, too, such as guided SEL meditations, mindful exercises for kids, naptime stories for kids, and even free printable activities. You can also download our Moshi app, which has over 400 tracks. Moshi helps kids fall asleep, reduce anxiety, regain control of their emotions, learn social skills, and improve their confidence. It can even help kids with their homework.

In addition, we have lots of inspiring and educational articles on our website that can help you and your family with many of life’s problems. Our aim is to transform homes across the world to feel more calm, centered, and joyful. Our goal at Moshi is to help your kids, and you, focus on your emotional well-being so we want to help whenever and wherever we can. Enjoy!

Samantha Redgrave-Hogg